Frameworks is already known for his delightfully delicate and smooth melodies, so it’s a wonder how Dreamers Delight was able to so effortlessly capture that magic and amplify it ten fold.

The track in question is “Carry On,” found on Frameworks’ Branches EP released last November. Many of the soft melodic elements are kept intact, and Dreamers Delight bolsters everything with a deft touch and innovative insight into the original. The airy, and even slightly bouncy original, is brought down and grounded, and given a heftier bass weight behind it.

While the original is actually fairly well suited for the dancefloor, Dreamers Delight made this to delight the speakers and rattle bones. Check it out.


How did you get the opportunity to remix a Frameworks track?

I had the opportunity to join Frameworks on tour along with Vibe Street back in the fall. After spending a week on the road, we both realized we had good chemistry and he eventually asked me to try out a remix for his track “Carry On.” Obviously I couldn’t turn that awesome opportunity down.

What was your process when making this remix?

Working on this track was nothing short of a good time. After getting the stems from Matt, I was almost overwhelmed with all of the sounds that were already occurring in the original track, but soon found which sounds I liked best and put them in their spots. It came together really well and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

Have any shows coming up that you’d like to let people know about?

I have a couple of upcoming shows that I am very excited for! I’ll be playing along side Krooked Drivers in Lawrence, KS on March 18th and then will be heading directly to Tahoe to play with Emancipator and The Funk Hunters on the 19th. The following weekend I’ll be in Aspen, Colorado at the Belly up with Big Gigantic! We also have some big festival plays confirmed for this Spring, but are still a few weeks away from announcing… Can’t wait to break the news when the time comes!