Beginning about four months ago, Netherlands-based Youtube channel Controlled Substance began their quest to tackle some of the fundamental questions and issues surrounding the global war on drugs. Using science as the program’s backbone, journalist Thijs Roes has hosted several in-depth discussions that especially pertain to the nightlife and music festival circuit. From “How To Handle Strong Ecstasy” to covering a festival that provides “safe drugs,” the channel is dedicated to educating its viewer base and getting rid of some of the mystery and uncertainty surrounding the world’s drug culture.

In his latest video, Roes tackles the history of MDMA as he traces the evolution of the substance from its roots and through its many variations.

Molly, he says, is no different than ecstasy. (We’ve argued the same in the past.) First used among scientists for therapeutic purposes, the drug was shown to reduce fear and allow users to approach personal memories or ideas that would normally produce too much anxiety in them. Eventually, a pastor loved it so much that he began selling it under the name “ecstasy.” It became a scheduled drug later on because of a small sliver of the population whose bodies reacted poorly or fatally to it.

Ecstasy pills started getting mixed with other illicit substances like caffeine or amphetamines. It became so common, that people started asking for the “pure” stuff in order to avoid the danger of ingesting unknown mixes. This pure stuff is what we now call MDMA.

Watch the full explanation below, and visit Controlled Substance’s Youtube channel to learn more.