So this is definitely one of the stranger things that we were never expecting to happen today. Earlier today, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account shared a picture that looked eerily familiar…

Yes, that’s the cover for Madeon’s debut album Adventure, and yes, that’s Sonic’s head and background in the overlay. The message goes deeper, however, when you notice that the image also has Madeon’s trademark cryptic language. It reads:

Hello Hugo
The secret is inside the empire
We can get it back
The fated son of Daedalus
Add the numbers

With some help from reddit, we get “Pixel Empire” the 11th track, “Technicolor” the 17th track, and “Icarus” the 13th track. Added together, it makes 41.

What that means… we’re not sure. There’s a good chance that Madeon could be producing music for the next Sonic game, which has apparently already been hinted at. If there’s a secret thread between Madeon and Sonic that we’re not aware of, let us know.

UPDATE: Madeon has no idea what this is about either! The plot thickens…