THEY. just released Whiiite’s remix of “Motley Crue” and it’s a beautiful dose of weighted R&B. The track twists the original’s distorted guitar and thundering bass into a dance-ready jam primed for the weekend.

Overall, the atmosphere is recessed amongst the rhythmic tolls of a tropically charged vibraphone, leaving the notes to hang in space while THEY.’s lyrics wash over the mix. It carries on where Jack Ü left off with “Where Are Ü Now” and is tinted with the same tone of their work with Skrillex and Zhu on “Working For It.” However, if you’re looking for more goodies from THEY., Whiiite’s remix is only one of several interpretations of “Motley Crue.” Head to iTunes to grab the entire remix package for yourself, and be sure to check out the AWAY remix here.