An artist can have creativity between tracks, and then, an artist can also have creativity within tracks. This sounds like a “well duh” statement, and it kind of is, but I’m talking about switching it up. I’m talking about throwing a curveball and getting that strikeout. I’m talking about sweeping the leg. Parkour, parkour!

Getting back to reality, but heading away from it as well, we have this nifty remix from AWAY, taking on “Motley Crue” by THEY. Starting off with a distinctly Flume-y vibe, AWAY employs sweeping synths and a subtle percussive rhythm to drive the tune along, nodding along to the sultry sweet sounds. This track is all about precision and technicality, getting every sound just right, and in just the right place. That is until… the final drop.

The R&B and dreamy sounds are replaced by a certified Filthy® beat and if I could throw that final 60 seconds on a loop for the rest of my life I would be content. The track does a complete 180 and it could not be more perfect in the context of the whole tune.

Grab this one on iTunes if you’re feeling it as much as I am.