Even guys like deadmau5 aren’t immune to the general press junket they have to deal with following the release of their new album. He’s just released his newest album W:/2016ALBUM on his own label, and we know he didn’t have the kindest things to say about it. However, fans are loving the album and he’s just going to have to deal with that.

He’s already done a pretty lengthy interview with NME, and while sitting down with Rolling Stone, deadmau5 discussed the downfall of EDM (which has already apparently happened) as well as his beef with Marshmello.

To start, deadmau5 scoffed at the idea of calling Marshmello an artist. “Wait, did you say artists like Marshmello? You mean people like Marshmello?” The question focused on the fact that Marshmello also uses a helmet, but deadmau5 doesn’t “give a shit” who wears a helmet or who doesn’t. His problem with marshmello, in his own words, “was the constant dick riding [on Twitter].”

“‘You trolled me, I trolled you’ – whatever. Don’t pass it off as a marketing technique. According to social media, all I do is sit around and burn pictures of this guy.”

When asked if EDM had already jumped the shark, in a manner of speaking, he seems confused at the question. “It already did in 2015. Where have you been? 85 percent crossed over. It’s fucked. It’s out of the innovators’ hands; it’s not really grassroots anymore. I’m partially responsible – I’ve done my part to commercialize shit. Oversaturation.”

And he’s not confident it’s ever going to come back. He notes that it’s hard to think about any genre that’s as popular today as it was in its prime, and EDM’s prime is apparently long-since passed.

Still, Joel isn’t trying to slough off the asshole persona, either.

Who else do you listen to?
That’s none of the world’s fucking business.

Read the whole interview on Rolling Stone here.


Photo by Matt Barnes

Facebook Photo by AP Photo/Victoria Will