Only Steve Aoki has the kind of star power to pull in Vinnie Jones for a music video. The producer has enlisted in the former football professional-turned-actor for a mini theatrical role in his latest collaboration with Loopers, “Pika Pika.”

If Vinne Jones looks familiar, that’s because he’s been appearing in major movies since the early 2000s, including Snatch and Gone in 60 Seconds. The action packed music video doesn’t stray too far from his comfort zone, dealing with mobsters and thugs and all.

As for the track, it’s a high energy, electro house banger that’s more ear-pleasing than we could have ever imagined. “Pika Pika” has a playful way about it, but it doesn’t mess around. This track is all about kicking ass and taking names in a battle between Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Crew and the Loopers Gang.

“Pika Pika” is the second release from Aoki’s 5OKI campaign, consisting of five collaborative singles and music videos, all coming out over five consecutive weeks on Dim Mak. Each track in the 5OKI campaign marks a return to the big room, electro house sound that established Aoki as an international festival force.

5 singles in 5 weeks… This is 5OKI.

Steve Aoki & Loopers – Pika Pika ft. Vinnie Jones


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