Rolling Loud popped off over the weekend with performances from Travis Scott, Migos, Gucci ManeWiz Khalifa, J. ColeLil Uzi Vert and so many more. But, the set everyone is talking about came from Young Dolph.

First, a little back story. Apparently two Duke University students were fired for playing his music at work on campus and word got around to Young Dolph. So, the hip hop artist flew out the two seriously loyal fans to watch him perform live.

But it gets better…

He also brought them on stage to give them a cool 20 grand in cash.

Ironically, the song they got trouble for playing, according to Young Dolph, was “Get Paid.” The boss reportedly had a problem with lyrics in the first verse: “I fucked her so good, she got up and started cooking/Rolling up big blunts and a pound of cookies.”

Even though they got fired, these two fans are certainly set for a while thanks to their idol.

Watch the awesome moment from Rolling Loud below, just before Young Dolph breaks into a memorable performance “Get Paid!”

Young Dolph Gives $20,000 Away