Global Dance Festival in Denver, Colorado suffered severe weather leading to a complete cancellation of its second day yesterday. According to initial reports out of the festival, there was damaged production beyond repair.

Unfortunately, when all of this went down, some attendees took it upon themselves to break through the barriers at Global Dance, entering the grounds during weather delays. Not only did they infiltrate the venue when they were supposed to evacuate to safety, but some even helped themselves to “free” alcohol out of coolers. Not acceptable.

Someone was there to capture the whole thing on camera (below). It’s honestly shocking how many people, just within the 45-second clip, thought it would be okay to steal from festival organizers when the event shut down.

The Festive Owl reveals that this particular cooler and four others were “cleaned out of $4,500+ of product.” To make matters even worse — they were being run by a local non-profit for dog rescue. The money raised was meant to go to the cause. Donations to help make up for the lost product can be made to the no-kill shelter here.

Obviously, this kind of behavior is not only disrespectful, but unsafe for everyone involved. Global Dance made the difficult decision to cancel on Saturday and that should have been accepted by all attendees.

The festival has already promised full refunds for Saturday ticket holders, and 50% refunds for two-day ticket holders.

Watch a snippet of the bar raid below.