Videos of Shaq at Tomorrowland continue to surface and more and more we’re convinced that he’s having the time of his life.

After Kill The Noise posted his video of Shaq riding the rail during Modestep’s set, the gargantuan ex-NBA player went viral the world over, just like he did earlier this year after Ultra. All the naysayers who were convinced he was only in it for the notoriety are fading away as his genuine enjoyment of the art becomes more and more apparent.

The video below, shared by Complex Sports, sees Shaq in the middle of a mosh pit of all places! Riding the rail is one thing, but getting shoved around by a 7’1″ titan is something else entirely. At this rate, it wouldn’t be such a huge surprise to see him debuting on the DJ Mag Top 100… it could happen.


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