Your EDM's 24/7 Electronic Dance Music Channel

Being the largest EDM publication in the entire world, Your EDM is undertaking a new initiative to give power back to talented artists. To do this, Your EDM will be launching a 24/7 live stream dedicated entirely to artists and the creative content they produce. With over 6 million unique visitors a month, Your EDM is in the position to expose the entire world to the fantastic music created by the scene's most talented creators.

The Your EDM live stream will showcase art, music, culture and brands in a new media format. Instead of text-based interactions, the Your EDM live stream will bring a more intimate and personal interaction with fans. The following events will be featured on the Twitch stream:

- Club events

- Interviews/Q&A

- Video recaps/music videos

- Music

- Exclusive content

- Live track premieres

- In studio sessions

- Album listening parties

Your EDM is currently looking for talented artists, labels, and other musicians to help fill the live stream up with quality music for everyone to enjoy. In an effort to bring music back to the forefront of media, Your EDM will be promoting and pushing the 24/7 stream to ensure all music receives the exposure it deserves. All music submitted will be included in the official launch of the Your EDM channel, slated for May 15th. Join us as we revolutionize the way fans interact with their music.