Joining the Frenchman Martin Solveig is now Swedish star DJ and producer Alesso that will be opening for Madonna during her MDNA tour. Supposedly replacing Nero after the duo dropped from the line up, Alesso has just recently announced that he will be part of this highly publicized and criticized arena tour. After making headline news due to her appearance during Avicii’s set at Ultra Music Festival, much chatter has erupted online concerning her forced appropriation of the EDM scene by having household name artists as her openers.

Just after having made this announcement, Alesso has received a plethora of negative feedback to which he responded on his Facebook page:

Haha, I knew some of you guys wouldn’t like this MDNA thing but come on guys, I’m a dj and I’m gonna be djn at arenas before other artists THATS IT.

What do you think? Is this a good or bad thing for the EDM scene? Let us know