After first stepping into the limelight in 2011, Eptic also known as Michael Bella, has continuously developed and polished his signature sound and rose to the forefront of the ranks representing the powerhouse record label commonly known as Never Say Die Records. With three EPs under his belt, Eptic is back once again with a preview of his forthcoming Mastermind EP set to release on the 6th of May. The EP itself is set to contain three original records as well as one expertly crafted remix from the likes of MRK1. The first track of the EP, “Bust ‘Em Out” – a collaboration with NSD cohorts Virus Syndicate, blends cacophonous synths with Virus Syndicate‘s grimy vocals to create a dubstep tune that will have fans familiar with Eptic’s previous work salivating for more. The next track of the EP, “Mastermind”, continues to push the pace of the release. Chock full of chips, bleeps, bloops, wobbles and ingenious samples, “Mastermind” is destined to get your body moving. The third track of the EP, “Space Business”, comes int he form of a rather hectic drum & bass record which clearly demonstrates Eptic‘s willingness to expand his ever-developing sound. The final track of the EP, MRK1‘s remix of “Bust ‘Em Out” flips the original on its head, giving the entire record a “trap music facelift”. MRK1 comes in guns blazing with horns galore creating a track that is sure to have trap fanatics bobbing their heads in approval.

Despite the brevity of these previews, after just one play it is evident why all of Eptic‘s releases have been championed by some of the biggest names in the game. His¬†production and sound design are equivalent to many elite artists of the genre and there is no doubt in my mind that with time¬†Eptic will prove to be an even stronger force in the rapidly growing bass music scene.