Back in February, Style of Eye and Tom Staar combined forces to bring “After Dark,” a progressive house song with a couple of unusual twists. Now a few months later, and the track has been reborn thanks to four different artists. Each remix is different from the last, and offer up a variety of genres to please any palate. Nom De Strip gives an electro house offering, with a grindingly deep bassline and some lazer-like high end sounds. Russia’s Hard Rock Sofa take another stab at progressive house on theirs, a more vocal-lead effort than the others. The drop on this remix goes outside of the normal progressive leads dominating the genre currently, and they should be admired for it. This being said, the speed should’ve been faster at the drop, it’s rather anticlimactic and left me unsatisfied. The third remix is especially unusual, considering the typical Wall releases. Vanilla Ace may not have the same media attention as the other three, but this is a name any house fan should learn. With prior releases on labels like Toolroom and Off, this remix is perfectly set for any clubfloor as opposed to festival grounds. Out of all four of them, Vanilla Ace captures the essence of pure house music the best. The final remix is by Spinnin’ young guns TV Noise, who provide the exact opposite of Vanilla Ace– a ground-stomping electro banger. With high-energy leads and bubbly sounds throughout, this is the remix to turn to if you need to get the party wound up. Taking all four remixes into consideration and we’re left with one solid remix package for “After Dark.” They are now available for purchase at Beatport.