This is definitely going to be Robin Williams’ favorite house song for years to come, at least until Aerosmith comes out with their Dude Looks Like a Lady trap remix. Just kidding (I hope). Wayne & Woods and Henrix joined forces to create another epic house anthem. Jumangee is loaded with enough drums and horns to sound off your local army and enough energy to power Miami. You can’t do much better than this for a Size Records debut if you’re Wayne & Woods. From the other side of the collab, Henrix is on the express train to being recognized as a top DJ across the globe. He’s been making great remixes lately along with some even better performances. After you’re done hearing the newest release, scroll on down to a video intro and some highlights from Governor’s Island this past May featuring his Safe and Sound remix. If you live within a few hundred miles of NYC and haven’t been to Governor’s yet, you need to buy a ticket to an event ASAP. You can grab your copy of Jumangee on Beatport today.

PS – Henrix said he “has a surprise” for his fans this week, so keep a close eye on his Facebook page for more details.


Henrix Live from Governor’s Island