Social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram (straight flexin’), and many others of that nature, have done wondrous things for musicians. Sites like these enable musicians to quite literally, “blow up”, over night, with the help of that particular sites users. But as many of us have found (yes, you’re not alone), these sites can be quite time consuming and/ or addictive. We’ve all seen this scenario before! You have an extremely busy and productive day meticulously planned out from the night before, and the next morning, you wake up to a single notification from Facebook that then turns into a full day off news feed creepin’, and cat memes. This can be applied to anybody!

Well, Flux Pavilion, has taken it upon himself to, “give up social media”, for a similar reason. Here’s what he had to say on his Facebook page!

Flux Pavilion-Your EDM

Kind of confusing aye? Is he putting the “Flux Pavilion” alias down? Or is he feeling distracted by these social sites and in need of some relief from all of them in hopes of finding the true nature of music again by sitting around a bonfire strumming his out of tune guitar to Kumbaya with his closest friends? Flux’ leaves it open ended but writes up a second post on his Facebook to clarify.

Flux Pavilion2-Your EDM

Flux Pavilion is an Icon to Dubstep and EDM in general and it seems hes long over due a vacation from all the pressures of touring and working constantly. If he does decide to take a break from it all, you can expect a huge set of great tunes when he does return.

But until he returns from being M.I.A, enjoy his latest “Blow The Roof” EP below.


Get your own copy of “Blow The Roof” on Beatport.