Insomniac head Pasquale Rotella has taken another step forward towards clearing his criminal charges once and for all. The LA Coliseum was given time to change its complaint over the supposed multimillion dollar kickback scheme that had happened when EDC still took place in California. The amendment did not go through, and Pasquale is one charge closer to getting free. Insomniac‘s attorney had this to say following the ruling…

“We have maintained from day one that the Coliseum’s meritless lawsuit was ill-conceived, politically motivated and publicity driven. We are very pleased that the Court recognized that Insomniac and Mr. Rotella’s business with the Coliseum was lawful and transparent.

With this civil suit behind them, Insomniac can now focus on doing what they do best—putting on the world’s greatest electronic dance music festivals.”

Pasquale still has to go to court over diverting 2.5 million in funds to pay off city officials, that hearing is set for September 18th.

Via Las Vegas Weekly