As many of you may already know, Electric Zoo 2013 has created quite a commotion throughout the electronic dance music community as a result of its early termination in response to two deaths and several critical safety issues during the first two days of the weekend. Only days after the last set of E Zoo 2013, reports have surfaced stating that during the first two days of the festival, 31 individuals were arrested along with the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl.

The 31 arrests represent a slew of safety issues prevalent over the weekend including drug sales, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substance with sources stating that at least two of these arrests pertain to felony charges. The release of these charges continue to add to the heaps of articles and testimonies speaking out toward the general lack of security present at this year’s event.

As for the young girl, according to sources, Randall Island’s Park Alliance received news that over the weekend a young girl woke up under a van in a parking lot with her pants undone and bruises and scratches on her legs. After admittance to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, medical personnel determined that the young girl had indeed been sexually assaulted.

Source: NY Daily News: A Walk In The Park: Gothamist