The struggles of our growing scene has taken another blow as the Ocean Club in Boston has closed down for the 2013 season due to the drug, Molly. Before the start of this summer, the Ocean Club’s biggest problem was “simple noise complaints” according to Quincy Mayor, Thomas Koch. But over the last few months, ambulances have responded to 12 overdoses at the club with most of them linked directly to Molly. In this light, police sent agents undercover into the Ocean Club last month and arrested 4 people who were charged with possession and distribution of Molly.

With all the news of Molly overdoses and deaths happening around the country, Boston is taking no chances and the mayor has strongly suggested that the club cancel the rest of their 2013 events which they have done. With their license to operate under threat, the club is taking no chances and in 2014, the club will be leveled by Marina Bay to develop apartments and retail space. Mayor Koch stated” We certainly want an owner that’s going to take this seriously and be responsive to what is occurring out there and if that’s not happening, we’re going to shut them down.”

The Ocean Club isn’t the only one in trouble either. Last week a teenager died from a molly overdose and two others were hospitalized at the House of Blues club in boston and now the police and mayor are investigating thoroughly. As the EDM scene continues to expand at an exponential rate, their has been a huge influx of new fans and followers that has made the once small community, massive. As a result of more people joining the movement, there is a greater chance of tarnishing the industry with drug related deaths and injuries done by the individual.

Thus, I beg you to take an active role in making sure your friends are safe. Although ultimately it is up to the individual, it is equally as important that you help those in need around you by making sure they are not practicing recreational drugs in an unsafe manner. With clubs closing, festivals getting cancelled, and a new molly death scare every week, it is time we as fans take a more active role in managing our own or others will do it for us.


You can check out the local video coverage below:

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

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