Zedd put it all down in a recent interview with MTV discussing his collaboration with Lady Gaga and their new track Aura.

Zedd fills us in by saying that it is the “most interesting and unique electronic songs ever.” The young German producer also mentions that he hopes for this amazing song to be a single as well.


“I obviously, I would love for it to be a single, but there’s so many great songs on the album. She will make the right decision. I think ‘Aura’ [is] one of the most interesting and unique electronic songs ever, honestly. It’s so crossing over to, you know, there’s so many guitars and it’s like an oriental vibe. And there’s a hard electronic drop and kind of a minimal drop in the end. I don’t how to describe it, it’s kind of cool.”

Zedd keeps the buzz going about how amped he is for everyone to hear the hard work him and Gaga have put into this unique track. Telling MTV:

“I’m stoked for it to come out and for everybody to hear it. It’s been working for a while, so it feels good when it’s finally out there.”

The video for ‘Aura’ was finally released yesterday which also features Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills.”