About a month ago, Krewella put up samples of their track “We Are One” on Soundcloud for a remix contest. Ever since, a wide array of remixes have surfaced and the following are our top 5 favorites.

However, before I get into our top 5, I ‘d like to tell you who won, and why his track is not included on our list. The winner of the contest was Nomero, an 18 year old DJ/Producer from the UK.

Nomero’s remix has a pretty nice melody and build up, but the “Animals” influenced big room drop just ruined it for us. The huge kick-drum that doubles as the bass and the festival-type synths have gotten pretty old; producers, please stop it with these played out generic productions.


We also appreciate diversity and originality here at Your EDM, but his remix of “Alive” sounds almost exactly the same. I mean come on, really?


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, without further adieu, here’s our Top 5:

#5 – We Are One (Reev Remix)

For the 5th position we picked Reev’s remix. Reev, aka Mateusz Reev Klupś, is an 18 year old music producer based in Poland. Most of the remixes of “We Are One” were heavy, bass intensive-type songs, and so Reev’s “Progressive-Step” remix was a nice breath of fresh air. Reev’s progressive interpretation of the track features an uplifting melody that took the remix in a completely different direction than most others. His progressive chill-step style, combined with his uplifting melodies, make for a truly great track.


#4 – We Are One (The Phat Crew & Cormak Remix)

The 4th spot is held by The Phat Crew & Cormak’s remix. The Phat Crew (Valérian and Etienne) is a collaborative group based in Zürich, Switzerland. Cormak, aka Lucas Eriksson, is an up-and-coming 16 year old producer from Sweden. The Phat Crew & Cormak’s remix is an old school-type Electro-House banger featuring classic Electro-type melodies, crunchy bass lines, and amazing build ups and drops. The remix encompasses many styles ranging from, uplifting progressive house, to downright dirty bass heavy electro house.


#3 – We Are One (Caesar Julius Remix)

Coming in at the 3rd spot is Caesar Julius‘ remix. “Caesar Julius,” an up-and-coming “seizure music” producer, is the person behind one of our favorite remixes of Krewella’sWe Are One.”  The remix stays true to the original’s energy intensive big-room melody, but with a Dubstep/Drum & Bass spin. The remix ranges from subtle acoustic guitar and crispy drums, to heavy crunchy bass and epic melodic vocal chopping.


#2 – We Are One (Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser Remix)

The runner up track is Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser’s remix. Insan3Lik3, aka Matteo De Micheli, is a House/Dubstep producer from Switzerland with quite the following. Rob Gasser, similarly from Switzerland, is a 16 year old bass music producer. Their remix is straight fire, as they combine their intricate Electro-House melodies with some insanely aggressive and bass-intensive drops; this remix is bound to make any crowd go wild. Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser’s extensive knowledge in music production, combined with Krewella’s amazing vocals, result in one awesome track!

#1 – Tie between We Are One (Nanoo Remix) & We Are One (Mavid Remix)

Tied at the number 1 spot, sit our absolute favorite remixes; sorry guys, they’re both so good we just couldn’t decide.

The first remix from Nanoo is mid-tempo banger with insane drops and a melodic build-up after the break. The track is as diverse as can be and has something for everyone: amazing build-ups, extensive vocal chopping skills, and insane drops, it truly has it all! Really amazing track. Pure perfection.


Lastly, we come to the final track on the list, also sitting at the number 1 spot. This one comes from Mavid, a 19 year old Electro House and Dubstep Producer based in Hamburg, Germany. Mavid labels the remix with tags like “Dubstep,” “Electro,” “Complextro,” and “brostep;” I too would’ve had a hard time putting my finger on one specific genre to describe this monster of a remix. Mavid utilizes tranquil synth production and serene rhythms to skillfully build into massive drops encompassing huge drums, enormous synths, and heavy rhythms.


These are our absolute favorites, but we couldn’t decide on one for the number 1 spot. It’s just too hard! Can you decide? Be sure to grab a copy of the ones you like and tell us about your favorite in the comment section down below!