Trance trio Above & Beyond are taking their previous works and giving them a makeover with their upcoming Above & Beyond: Acoustic film that will be premiered via THUMP. Along with the publishing of the release date of January 24th, the group released a trailer for the video to give everyone a taste of what is to come. Along with the film will be a full acoustic studio album for you to listen to forever and ever. You will want to.
Acoustic reworks are becoming more popular, but few have taken it to the level that Above & Beyond are. They stress the fact that they were musicians prior to being famous producers, which I think you have to respect given they’re all three extraordinarily talented. Each plays multiple instruments which will be showcased in the film. Be there on the 24th to witness one of the most captivating performances Above & Beyond has ever been through.
1. Miracle
2. You Got To Go
3. Satellite / Stealing Time
4. A Thing Called Love
5. Can’t Sleep
6. Sun & Moon
7. Good For Me
8. Sirens Of The Sea
9. Love Is Not Enough
10. On A Good Day
11. Alone Tonight
12. Making Plans