In a stroke of luck we got an interview between Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren during the ASOT650 tour taking place in the Netherlands. He was questioned about his upcoming album stating that he wanted to “push boundaries”. To me it seems that he is creating very high expectations, pushing boundaries is something that is not clearly defined or easily achieved. It’s basic nature is that it hasn’t been done before (there has been ALOT of stuff done, even in just the past year alone). Hardwell has definitely released some game-changing tracks before but never something that I would consider has pushed the boundaries of music. I’m expecting some top-notch production and some music that blurs the lines between genres that we never expected could be combined. The world’s #1 DJ has placed the pressure on himself before and it worked, hopefully it works for him this time.

The motivation for this pressure and self-given challenge is based on how he feels about the current edm scene stating “a bit sick of whats going on in EDM right now”. I truly hope the album isn’t house with trance elements, ad in some catchy vocals and call it a hit. I hope the challenge to push boundaries is really resonating with him throughout the production process.

Let me know what you expect and what you hope the album will deliver. Comment below and get involved on twitter.