Our two favorite Canadians are having an incredible year so far. Zeds Dead treated us to their first tune of 2014 yesterday as founding DJs Hooks and DC head to Louisville, KY for Life in Color tomorrow!

ZD polishes this poignant piece with plenty of trademark synth, big bass and a slow, hand-swaying melody that stacks up among their best remixes to date. “Flickers” is another installment in the canon of non-EDM remixes from Zeds Dead that still manage to emote on a powerful level. The re-envisioned track is also not unlike the duo’s 2013 remix of Household Goods by T-E-E-D: slow, brooding, and captivating.

Among all the sides of Zeds Dead’s impressively diverse musical palette, I favor the deep over the disorienting. Few live acts can engage the crowd like they do on an almost nightly schedule –  dropping heavy drum & bass or trap and then re-aligning eardrums with smooth, eclectic vibes. Flickers highlights the lowest descent of that rollercoaster ride and serves as another testament to Zeds Dead’s unparalleled range.

Check it out below!