It was about five months ago that Lush & Simon released their incredible single “City Of Lights” on Trice Recordings. Since then, the duo has been busy with other projects including their single featuring Rico & Miella “Drag Me To The Ground” off of Zouk Recordings and their collaboration with Tom Swoon “Ahead Of Us” released with Ultra Music. This song remains joyfully melodic and instrumentally anthemic from start to finish. To add more flavor to this fire song, singer XOV joins Alessandro Miselli (Lush) & Simone Pioltelli (Simon) to give “City Of Lights” a vocalized re-rendering.

The build in “City Of Lights” replaces the focus from the piano and guitar melodies to the phantasmic voice XOV offers. From there, the rest of the song plays out with minimal differences from its instrumental counterpart. This track is as spectacular as ever with its latest incarnation for fans to jam, sing, and play out to. Watch out for an April 28th release date for this hot song and make sure to leave your comments and ratings for another amazing piece from Lush & Simon.