At just 17 years old, El Paso native, Osen has teamed up with the Aussies of New World Sound to create the uplifting progressive anthem, Colors. Signed through Avicii‘s record label, LE7ELS, Colors is a crafted tune that exemplifies the big room melodic school. After a long year of big room festival tracks characterized by single note hooks and massive pitch kicks, Colors comes as a very welcome change of pace. The somewhat atypical vocal effort put forth by Jaunita Timpanaro have a vaguely Rebecca & Fiona vibe to them and mesh well the softer melody of the build and bridge.

Osen is continuing to prove himself a force to be reckoned with in the scene at the impressively young age of 17. On the whole, Colors is an awesome collaborative effort between one of EDM’s must watch acts of 2014 and the always fresh, always original creative force behind the hit FluteNew World Sound. Check it out below!