We’re all here for the same thing: sound. It’s tangible pressure that can be manipulated by crafty hands, especially when a computer is the instrument of creation. In getting back to the fundamental, The Signals are taking their first step on a new expedition with their single “Soundwaves” that will set the pace for the trio; it will also begin their future sets to grab the audience in and get them ready for an extensive musical journey. Their conceptual nature is similar to that of Pink Floyd, so in putting “Soundwaves” out they have begun their story. Quite well, I might add; because this progressive house original is a straight jam. They make perfect use of an educational sample that conveys the nature of sound and its interaction with spacetime. After that you are led into an energetic run of arpeggiating synths that keep you in motion until the end shortly after the four minute mark.

You may recognize The Signals from their previous feature on Your EDM. If this is the first time you are hearing about them, then have a listen to both!

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