Every once in a while there’s a desire to revisit the old classics, and Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’ should at least be a classic by now.

The Signals, consisting of Andrew Powers, Alejo Gonzales (of Invader!), and Ray Lopez, bust out of the gate with their premiere track, a remix of the notorious house track, by putting their own future house spin on it. Ripe with heavy saws and melodious synths, The Signals manage to somewhat “reinvent the wheel” while at the same time keeping a lot of the samples from the original, grounding it in history.

It’s a difficult task, to be sure, but it seems like they’ve pulled it off. Removing a good portion of the repetitive vocals and making the track more dance-able might seem like an act of heresy to those who revere the French-duo’s contribution to the scene. However, I must stress that when remixes are done right, there’s no reason to cry foul. In fact, I encourage you to add this to your library with this FREE DOWNLOAD, and party on.


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