Deadmau5 recently spoke with BBC Radio One’s Zane Lowe and in a revealing interview, the Mau5 opened up about the new album, the state of contemporary dance music, and his plans for a colossal 360 degree stadium tour. The two disc album While (1<2), which will be released on June 17th, will offer a variety of styles that aim to “remove some of the stigma of being ‘the guy that plays the dance music,” but also provide longtime fans with the music that they love.

He goes on to describe the supporting tour as “a doozy” and bigger than a Bon Jovi concert. To take things up a notch Deadmau5 divulged by stating, “We’ve been working with some really top production companies that aren’t the top production companies in EDM; they’re the top production companies. They’re coming back to me and saying, ‘Dude, you have the biggest balls’.

Check out the interview below, which we have timestamped by topic.

00.00 – On Diversity of styles in While (1<2)

02:09 – On Process of creating While (1<2)

03:20 – On Social Media Marketing

05:00 – On Creativity

07:00 – On The Term “EDM”

07:50 – On The Name While (1<2)

08:50 – On Contemporary Dance Music

10:00 – On New Stage Production