If you know me, you know I am a fan of Prince Fox. I’ve seen him grow since my days at Moombroton and to have him be where he’s at now, releasing next level material like his remix of 3LAU‘s single “How You Love Me,” is surreal. One of his best works for sure, Prince Fox blew the top off the original by contributing his love trap tendencies to the mix. When I heard Sam was getting his hands on this, I was so excited because the partnership of Fox’s production work with Bright Light‘s stunning vocals is something I have been aching for. It is literally the perfect hit for the summer with an overwhelmingly sublime tone. Even though I like the original, I have to give the edge to this remix, because it’s just too freakin’ good. I could blabber on, but you just need to hear this bad boy. And download it, because dank and free.

Heart on Hypem
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