There are a few musical acts who seem to be destined for the top. Twine is one of those acts. He’s impressed SMOG Records, who release his Killing Machine EP, and he’s already caught the attention of fans and producers alike. We’ve been in love with his music and even had the honor to premiere “Testify” off his EP. He’s had two previous projects with Firepower, however I think this latest one is his best work yet. Each of the five songs are a testament to the genre they fall under, even if they can happen to fall under two.

Killing Machine starts off with, well, “Killing Machine.” Why? Because it’s the title track and it will blow your freakin’ brains out with its vicious bass growls. After you pick up all the white and grey matter and get it back into your skull, you have to deal with “Trillaz,” a hybrid trap megalith. In getting a little personal, I’d say this is my favorite, but that’s just me. I think you’ll have a hard time getting over the sound design, for this song and the whole EP to be completely honest.

“Throwback Thursday” pays homage to a sound that got many people into dubstep, however Twine brings his own flare, along with some contemporary ideas to the making of it. The sounds have that “evil” tone to them, which of course makes them awesome as hell. Coming next is the already popular single, “Testify,” that our readers simply couldn’t get enough of. I can see why; this one is just as epic as the other dub monsters on the EP, yet doesn’t just beat the same sound into your head. Lastly, “Trypto,” yet another “T” track, is of the trap variety. I really liked the percussive intro that takes you right into the heat of things. This has the least amount of bass, but with what you are given prior, to ask for more would just be glutinous of you.

You’ll want to buy Killing Machine, not only because it is the bee’s knees, but because if the EP hits #1 AND one of the tracks enters the Top 3 for the dubstep chart, then Twine’s manager will get a tattoo of the artwork. What’s better than getting good music and making someone “lose” a bet?

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