The Void is coming. James Egbert‘s debut album will be released in full on July 22nd through Fuzion Muzik, however James is ready to give you a freebie today. In fact, he wants to give you more than just a free download; he wants to give away a Sol Republic wireless deck speaker. Both of the giveaways can be found below, but before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s get to the premiere of “You & Me.”

James is one of those people that wants to push himself and push music into unknown territories. With “You & Me” he gives us a special house record that takes from progressive and electro while turning them on their heads. You feel the music, which doesn’t happen as much nowadays, but James is here to get the feelings flowing again. His melodies are enchanting and his expertise with fitting polyphonic structures together is outstanding. Although James more aggressive stuff is what caught my eye, his heartfelt beats are just as attractive to the ear. Download “You & Me” below for free with the option to pre-order the full album. You can catch collaborations with Dirtyloud, ETC! ETC!, Taylr Renee and Nina on it. Don’t forget about the contest either!

Pre-Order The Void

Sol Republic Contest

Free Download

PS, James you better have started watching Trailer Park Boys.