We live in a post Swedish House Mafia world, but having Axwell Λ Ingrosso makes it all just a little bit more bearable. In a recent interview with Pete Tong, the duo opened up about the transition following the Swedish House Mafia breakup and what the future holds for the new super group. The interview also covers the burning question so many of us have: “Why the  Λ in the duo name?”

With so many DJ duo’s popping up, both Axwell and Ingrosso reveal that the “Λ” symbol in their name was the result of creatively not using the typical “and” in their new group name:

“The symbol was a golden mistake. It turns out, when we raise our hands together it looks like the  Λ. It’s the new symbol for togetherness”

With a debut album slated for 2015, the duo also elaborated on the why they are focusing full time on their album in the works:

Before Swedish House Mafia there was supposed to be an Axwell album, and that album thing was a big project. Swedish House Mafia was moving so fast we didn’t even have time to think about making an album, we were just catching up with song after song”

With the name and release dates still undecided, we are eagerly awaiting more information on the new album that is already one of the more anticipated releases of 2015. You can check out the full interview and their new song premiere with Pete Tong below: