DJ Dan is one of those artists that never curates a bad time. There are things in this world you can count on: the sun will rise tomorrow, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and DJ Dan plays great music. Consistent and steadfast in his conducting of a good time, DJ Dan is one of the best there is. Whether producing an original, remixing a favorite, or putting together his hour long radio show, there is almost nothing DJ Dan doesn’t do well.

His latest remix of The Electroliners’ “Loose Caboose”(1995) is again another example of where his taste in records to remix is stellar and the tweaks he makes to the track help keep an old classic sounding fresh to new ears. Another famous producer/DJ that has drawn inspiration from this mid-90’s classic is TJR. If you are a fan of TJR, especially the music he was playing in 2012, give this track a play and you will hear something very familiar. I also included the 1995 original below.