Remixing tracks from the biggest artists in the game is always an intimidating task. Most of the time, the key to a successful flip is to keep the integrity and power of the original production while constructing an entirely new and unique atmosphere and vibe to it. A lot can go wrong when trying to breathe new life into an already established hit, especially when written by artists like Wiz Khalifa and Sam Smith. Today, however, we’ve found a remix that expertly maintains the soul and drive of Charlie Puth’s cover of “See You Again,” and that carries both the melody and Wiz’s verse to new heights.

Europe’s KLYMVX and Hitimpulse come together to create a slow and passionate take on the song, giving new meaning to the inevitable singalong within. Beginning with tropical tones and resonant piano chords, and with vocals that cut wonderfully through the rest of the mix, the track’s percussion and flow quickly become its most impressive features. As the warm sub rattles underneath the cut and pitched voices, the remix emits a melancholy but hopeful feeling that lasts to the very end. The entire track comes as a beautiful tip of the hat to the original’s anthemic energy.

Click here for the free download and get ready to hear it played out at the festival grounds this summer.