I’m fucking speechless… I honestly had tears swimming in my eyes listening to this. Dubstep has had such a massive impact on my life that hearing all these classic, wonderful tunes meshed together so seamlessly brought on an emotional reaction that I would have never expected.

Some of these tracks are verified classics, like Flux Pavilion’s remix of “Cracks” or Alvin Risk’s remix of “Diminishing Returns.” True classics like Skream, Benga or Loefah are thrown to the wayside in favor of more powerful tracks, with more pronounced mids, but don’t let that fool you – Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes are masters of their craft in this regard.

This particular mashup was started a year ago, and after so many requests for a release, they decided to finally put it out. This is my own first time hearing this, but I feel like I’ve heard it for years. It’s nostalgic and revolutionary in one neat little package, and I can’t get enough.

Re-imagined drops, basslines and particular samples gives this “Superheroes” mashup an infinite level of depth and creativity. I cannot count the amount of times I had chills – I had chills on my chills. And then ending on “With You Friends”? Like come on… my feels can only take so much.