Deadmau5 has undeniably worked his way into the heart of dance music, claiming the title as one of the scene’s most influential artists in recent history. Though his many attributes are both endearing and controversial, Joel Zimmerman has come under the gun more than once for being outspoken and somewhat of a bully. However, the folks at Noise Porn have dug up deadmau5′ old blog, FML – The Blog of Fail, and the posts depict a more human side of mau5.

The blog posts range from chronicling his poor naming conventions, to a thoroughly entertaining story about near-disaster bus explosions with Tommy Lee, and even covering his commentary on what constitutes “selling out.” However, one of the more exciting and interesting posts is from 2010, at the start of the blog’s life, where he throws around the idea of writing a book. We can only imagine it would be something like Jack Kerouac’s stream of consciousness from On The Road, but if he does decide to come through on that endeavor, we’ll be the first ones in line.


H/T Noise Porn