Summer is coming right around the corner and excitement can hardly be contained. One of the things I love most is the music that comes out at this time of the year, especially from one of my favorite labels, Zerothree Records.

I couldn’t be more excited to premiere this brand new single, titled “Inner Love”, from two extremely talented artists, Tim Mason and Sonny Noto. It’s set for release Friday, May 5th, courtesy of Zerothree, and it’s a progressive house masterpiece from start to finish. You can’t help but feel love for this tune that’s so beautifully arranged and composed. “Inner Love” is the first collaboration between Sonny and Tim, and is one that I hope keeps reoccurring; they truly complement each other very well.

I got the chance to catch up with Tim to talk more about his music as well as his creative process this past week. He’s a wizard with synths and as you will hear, the ones he includes in his music, especially “Inner Love”, are nothing short of spectacular:

I would say layering sounds is essential and knowing what works together, needs to sound right and not overly done. I do have my own bank of presets that I accumulated throughout the years, but its important to know your synths well as that will help you to build your own sounds and being different.”

He’s also got a brand new synth coming in the mail too, the prestigious Prophet Rev2, one that I can’t wait to hear on upcoming releases!

He also has a good number of singles with Zerothree, so I was curious to hear what is it about the label that has kept them a priority for his music:

The quality of music that Zerothree releases are phenomenal, but also they understand my sound very well so it comes natural to have my records released on Z3.”

2017 is looking to be a huge year for Tim and we will keep you posted with his upcoming releases. Listen below to listen to Tim Mason & Sunny Noto’s brand new single, “Inner Love”, and pre-order your copy here!