Yaysh is somewhat uncategorizable by traditional means in both genre and style. New to the pop and hip hop scenes yet still incredibly polished and owning her style, this rapper/singer/songwriter is poised to explode into not only pop and hip hop but will likely carry over to EDM quite easily.

Yaysh released a rash of songs in the past month including her first video for the single “Daep,” a hyper-sexy rap/pop combo song which matches the artist’s own gender fluid style. Yaysh will likely be a champion not only for LGBTQ acceptance but for accepting all types of people, no matter how they choose to present. Her style is androgynous, fun and different and she owns her style and sense of self with such power that it really is confusing that she’s not a major marketed commodity already.

Yaysh carries the same strong sense of self into her second video for the song “Twisted.” This song is an equally fun do-wop-inspired pop song which is a little more stripped down and bubbly than “Daep” but the rave aesthetic is still all over the video. Yaysh is poised as a hip hop tomboy version of Cupid in this video, which has tons of vibrant colors. It’s almost stark the difference between this video and the one for “Daep” as are the songs, so in these early examples, audiences are already able to see Yaysh’s diversity in talent as well as her fierce confidence.

Yaysh is definitely one to watch as an alt-pop or rave artist, as she’s definitely injecting some much-needed self expression and fun into these genres with her different yet completely accessible style.

Yaysh has a full album due out early this year, but in the meantime fans can check out the video for “Daep” on her YouTube channel. The audio for both tracks is on Soundcloud. “Twisted” was also released on Spotify, where more of Yaysh’s tracks are due soon.