Marshmello is playing a big show inside of Fortnite today — and here’s everything you need to know.

WHO: Marshmello
WHAT: “Party at Pleasant Park”
WHERE: football field at Pleasant Park
WHY: Because, Marshmello.

The first-ever concert in the ridiculously popular battle royale game is about to take place. Over the past few days, posters have popped up inside the game and the virtual stage has come to life. Players can already see the stage setup at the football field in Pleasant Park.

Before you head over to the show, make sure you complete the “showtime” challenges. These will properly prep you for the event, unlocking Marshmello-themed items including an emote, spray, and harvesting tool. Players can even splurge for a limited Marshmello skin or “marsh walk” emote.

Pro-tip: if you don’t have the game, it’s still possible to watch. Join a community broadcast with your favorite streamer and never miss a beat!


Source: The Verge