Fans are still buzzing from Marshmello‘s Epic in-game concert and Fortnite has a freebie for some of its players!

Let’s back up just a bit… When Mello performed live inside of Fortnite, 10 million+ players logged in at once. While most of the show went off without a hitch, some players who purchased the limited Marshmello skin weren’t able to use it during the game. The glitch was a bit of a bummer. Epic Games ultimately disabled the skin to fix the issues, but now it’s back.

So, those who already own a Marshmello skin will get a special treat. Log in right now to receive a special bonus prize: a Marshmello wallpaper, modeled especially after the concert sign for the event. To access the wallpaper, all you need is the Marshmello skin, which should be in perfect working order.

No word on how long this offer will last, so get it while you still can!


H/T: Forbes