It’s been a very busy 2019 for Boys Noize. The legendary German producer has been collaborating with artists from across the spectrum from A$AP Rocky, Virgil Abloh, Lady Gaga, and of course Skrillex for the highly anticipated return of Dog Blood. Now, we have another out-of-left field collaboration, “Why Not?” with indie synth-pop act Francis and the Lights. “Why Not?” is a shimmering, sultry, slickly produced neo-disco track that takes you straight back to the 80s.

The two artists actually recorded the song at an impromptu studio session last year in Boys Noize’s native Berlin. The track definitely showcases Boys Noize’s immense production capabilities and the Francis and the Lights vocals blend in seamlessly with this moody, but danceable track. Again, the track channels some serious 80s vibes with the synths, the beat, and the filtered vocals. I can seriously picture John Cusack rolling up in a Black Pontiac stepping out in a leather jacket. While not the typical Boys Noize sound, this song is vibe, and it might even find some life on pop radio.

“Why Not?” by Boys Noize and Francis and the Lights is out now on Boysnoize Records. Boys Noize will be teaming up with Skrillex to perform as Dog Blood at HARD Day of the Dead in Los Angeles next month. Boys Noize will also be part of the Friendship, departing from Miami in January 2020.