Madeon‘s debut album Adventure celebrates its 5th birthday today!

In 2015, we felt a strong emotional connection to this release, as the producer put forth his full musical vision for the first time ever. Still to this day, the album has a certain hold on us worth experiencing again and again, no matter how familiar it may be.

Adventure embodies much nostalgia — and for Madeon, it’s that of his teenage years, which wrapped up with the album’s release. Five years later, he reminisces on Adventure:

The producer recently discussed the transformation from his first album to his sophomore release, Good Faith:

With Adventure, I was living with my parents, and I was protecting myself, and I liked getting so much shelter from the music industry, and my career, and for it to feel kind of like a distant dream.

Whereas with this album, I wanted it to reflect reality in my life, and so I wanted to have more experiences. I started traveling the world with some friends and some other creative people. I ended up moving to Los Angeles in the end.

Listen below and read our album review, published upon Adventure‘s release, here.

Madeon – Adventure (Deluxe)


Photo via Diego Andrade