Ever since he was 11 years-old, Hugo Leclercq has been infatuated with producing. Going by the producer moniker Madeon, he has released a number of tracks in the past couple of years such as “Pop Culture” which captivated the internet world and encouraged him to launch his first EP, The City, thus making an official name for himself. He continued to release tracks including “Shuriken,” “For You,” and “Gold” which kept him in the limelight. Additionally, Madeon has had the incredible opportunity to spin at festival stages worldwide and work with some of the best and biggest in the music industry, including Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding.

Since then, the French producer has taken 2 years to focus exclusively on the making of his debut album, Adventure. The album consists of 18 breathtaking tracks via the deluxe edition, with oldies like “The City”, “Finale” and “Technicolor.” Exemplifying his unique approach and defiant electric flair to the development of pop-synth beats, the record sets itself apart through Madeon’s prolific signature. Madeon will surely steal electronic dance music lovers’ hearts by introducing them to bountiful lyrics and hyper-electronic turns. The first single to be released after announcement of the album, “Imperium,” encapsulating an uplifting melody, provided an exclusive first look into the ethereal feel of the album. Throughout the months leading up to Adventure’s release, the slew of singles began to paint a broader picture of how the album would develop, and how it would take listeners on a journey. For sure, Adventure embarks the listener on an exploration into the depths of Madeon’s imagination, diving into the realms of the mind, thus trying to decipher the mystery behind his creative workings.

As a devoted Madeon fan, I have been following the young prodigy’s each and every move, listening to the releases thoroughly as they became available to the public, and falling in love more and more as I replayed them to relive the same story. The album begins with a bit of a prelude, as “Isometric” delivers a sneak-peak into the eccentric signature break, building a sense of anticipation and curiosity for what’s to come. We are then welcomed with the familiarity of “Your’re On” with Kyan, a distorted composition accompanied by vocals and launching into a swift, catchy chorus. A soulful, ambient tune is heard as “La Lune” synchronizes with the previous 8-bit sounds of “OK”. “La Lune” calls upon Bastille’s very own Dan Smith, emanating bundles of emotion through the lyrics and a concurrent, flowing anthem. It blends well with the tone of Smith’s vocals and conceives an indie-pop melody.

Following the collaboration with Dan Smith comes Madeon’s collab with Passion Pit, “Pay No Mind.” What we originally thought was a very basic song in Madeon’s overall discography was, within the context of the whole album, a wonderfully uptempo and enjoyable track. Between the deeper, soulful voice of Dan Smith and the softer electropop stylings of “Beings,” Passion Pit presents the perfect segue. Further on,  Mark Foster envelops “Nonsense” with his captivating indie-styled voice; the bass drops and resurrects itself back into harmony creating an ambient and soulful tune. Madeon showcases his ability to not only outline his personal style, but also provides evidence that electronic music does not always have to be robotic.

“Innocence” resonates with a plethora of deeply rooted emotions, tugging at my own heart strings, and moving me to my existential core by incorporating a slower beat, allowing for the vocals of Aquilo to be the main focus, expressing their infinite truth.  Transitioning swiftly, Madeon peels off layers of himself in “Home” which he not only composed the lyrics to, but also sang in, showcasing a deeper side of him and exposing his vast talent and versatility. The whole story is wrapped with “Only Way Out” featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic filled with an abundance of existential feels, leaving the fan with goosebumps all around.

The exposure and experience that Madeon was fortunate enough to have gained from working with other artists and musicians has inevitability become an inspiration. The desire to create a “banger” is waning all across the EDM scene, and Madeon is a powerful leading example in the music industry with no compromising when it comes down to his art. Long-time fans will enjoy seeing this side of Madeon. Personally, it excites me to find out what Madeon has in store for upcoming live performances and sets a higher expectation. I hope to experience all of my feelings at once, unencumbered by worry or woe. I wish to experience thoughts of reflection, memorable flashbacks, and residual ecstasy.

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