Your EDM Family Community Guidelines


Now while the Official YourEDM Facebook Page is great, it’s not always easy to interact with everyone on the site. That’s why we’ve created this family group for you all to chat, share and enjoy EDM on Facebook!

The other great thing about this group is there will be plenty of awesome opportunities available to you guys through the group including free swag, contests, internships, and writing positions.

Here is all of our current active admins:
Ben Jacobs, Paige Endykiewicz, Chad Wolf, Spencer Lipo Zovic, Dan Najecki, Hannah Marie, Mike Pascoe Andrew Quigley, Jordan Jk Keeling, Henry Popovic, Landon Fleury, Miguel Tost, & Brett Edgerly

Stay tuned and have fun! We’d just ask for you to simply follow the house rules outlined below, there’s only 10.

House Rules:

1. No Self Promo! Any and all self promo will be deleted and result in an instant ban.
2. Re-Posts will be removed on a case-by-case basis.
3. Any “Artist vs. Artist” posts will be deleted without question.
4. Keep trolling on serious posts to a minimum.
5. Disrespecting any admins will result in auto ban.
6. No spamming what so ever.
7. Posts can be deleted without question.
8. Posting stuff for “likes” will be deleted and can result in a ban. Intellectual discussion is our first and foremost priority. If your post looks like a status update, it will be deleted.
9. Posts that we think will cause trouble will be deleted without question.
10. Posts asking for charity are prohibited. If you would like to know why, please message one of the admins.
11. Personal drama posts will be deleted on a case by case basis. We obviously care for our members, but if your mother just passed away, be with family. Get off Facebook. Admins are available to talk if you need it.
12. “Is ____ good live?” posts will be deleted. This is 2015, you have the internet at your fingertips. Find a set on Soundcloud or a video on YouTube.

Love & respect thy family. Be kind to family members. Any instances of personal attacks against other members will be met with an immediate ban.

Also please keep in mind the following:

– Personal attacks on other family members/ admins. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for this. If this happens it will result in an instant ban. Treat others the way you want to be treated people.

– Unrelated EDM memes and random memes. We have noticed the amount of memes shared in this family are getting a little much. Don’t get us wrong. We still love them! But some just don’t belong or have been reposted many times. So we will be cleaning them up a little more now! So please don’t be upset if you see one of us admins delete it. It’s nothing personal at all. It just means it has already been posted earlier.

– Selfies! Unless it’s EDM related like you’re with a dj or at an event, your selfie will be deleted. You guys are all beautiful but with 30K members we can’t have selfies taking over the wall while good EDM discussions are taking place.

– Anti drug / drug related topics. This is a very delicate topic. We understand it’s everywhere as we will still allow some debate as long as everyone is mature on the topic and things don’t get out of hand. If it does your post will be deleted.

These are a couple things we believe will help better the family.

Note, we do have a Producer Family Group that does allow for Self-Promotion and does offer a helpful hand to the up-and-coming bedroom producer. Feel free to join both!



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[button color=”black” size=”big” alignment=”center” rel=”follow” openin=”newwindow” url=””]Your EDM Producer Family[/button]

* Producer Family Allows & Encourages Self-Promotion


Producer Family House Rules:

– We no longer allow posts about DJ mixes.
– Users will be limited to two (2) posts per day about their own music. subject to change
– For each post you make about your own music, please offer feedback or interact with another producer.

Finally, please keep ALL social network/links to your profiles within the group document found HERE


One love.


Your EDM Family Admins


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