Officially the highest-budged electronic music video of all time, deadmau5‘s upcoming video for > album title goes here < single Professional Griefers is expected to be a splash–and it’s no surprise: one of the top artists in the world, deadmau5 has massive resources backing him courtesy of Ultra Records, and millions of fans expecting something great. This behind the scenes video of the shoot for Professional Griefers gives us a nice little glimpse into the makings of the music video: an impressive centerpiece of interconnected metal rods is set to be the main stage upon which the video’s two main characters will interact; storyboards of the plot flash by, perhaps giving a glimpse to the structure of the video; and, of course, deadmau5 is present, being his usual snarky, dorky self. The video is set to premiere on August 29, and > album title goes here < is released on September 22, so watch the preview video, grab Professional Griefers, and get ready for your autumn to be ruled by deadmau5!



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