Beatport’s remix contests always bring us great music (my personal favorite example being Candyland’s remix of Bingo Player’s Rattle) and expose us to new artists who deserve it. This one shouldn’t be any different. Skrillex has already blessed us with a few remixes from friends on the Make it Bun Dem After Hours EP, but there’s still plenty of reasons to get excited about what the community will come up with. Head on over to the contest page on Beatport and grab the stems, whether you’re a producer wanting to give the contest a shot or a DJ who wants to throw Jr. Gong’s vocals into a set.

As usual, we’ve got some interesting prizes, the first of which is from Pioneer. The XDJ-Aero Wireless DJ System is a new breed of DJ controller. A two channel controller with an array of effects, what makes it stand out is in the name; it’s wireless. It allows you to access and mix any music on a PC, mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android device in the room via an app on the app store or Google Play. Maybe someone should get Steve Aoki one so that he can actually mix from his raver raft. JK, love you Steve.

As for the rest of the prizes, you’re looking at a release on Beatport through OWSLA/Big Beat, which is a pretty cool deal, as well as the Sounds to Sample Elements library, a huge collection of useful sounds for DJ’s and producers alike. If none of that
makes you want to get a case of red bull and work all night, the last prize is for a big fan – a “special edition” vinyl signed by Skrillex himself.

Check out the rest of the details and enter here.