There aren’t many artists in the electronic music world, especially artists who make all different genres, who’s music you can recognize within the first twenty seconds. Dillon Francis is one of them. At the top of the Moombahton world alongside Mad Decent labelmates Munchi and Dave Nada, the L.A. producer is at a point where no other artist comes close to his sound. His 110 beat per minute – electro infused bangers are the epitome of what will make you jump.

Dillon Francis got his start interning for Rowdy Records in Atlanta, where he learned everything he could about producing before subsequently returning home and doing nothing but producing for a year. After putting out a few dubstep records on a variety of labels, he got his big break when he sent his first Moombaton track to his manager to forward to Diplo, who took a huge liking to the track and got together with Francis immediately. This eventually brought the collaboration between the two entitled “Que Que” on Mad Decent. Dillon Francis also got his name out in the open that year when Major Lazer opened their set at Coachella with his Westside! EP.

Following the success of his more traditional moombahton tracks, Dillon Francis releases traveled into uncharted territory when he started to combine more aggressive electro and dubstep sounds with the tempo and drum patterns of Moombahton. This rocketed moombahton as a genre into the mainstream by making it accessible to to listeners who weren’t into the raggaeton roots of the genre, while still keeping the original energy intact. The first of these tracks was I.D.G.A.F.O.S. Even a year later, I’ve never heard anything that like this; it’s just as uplifting as is it dirty. I.D.G.A.F.O.S. has been played by all sorts of other artists, from fellow Mad Decent moombaton producers to the fierce dubstep robo-bass technician Downlink.

More recently this year, Francis’ sound is getting love from all sorts of different artists, including the UK’s Flux Pavilion. Dillon Francis’ remix of Daydreamer ft. Example got an exclusive preview play on Mistajam’s BBC Radio 1 show and support from all around the world. He also worked with Flux Pavilion’s Circus Records labelmate Doctor P to create Music is Dead, one of the first 110 BPM tracks we’ve heard from the British dubstep legend.

Just like Dillon Francis and Mad Decent were at the head of the growing moombahton movement last year, they’ve both become a part of a more current trend – trap music. Trap, much like moombahton did, is catching on in a variety of circles – we’ve heard it dropped by Skism, Subfocus, Skrillex and more. Just like Masta Blasta made a huge splash for moombahton, the “REBIRTH” VIP is doing some things for trap music. If the slow, clean trap sound is something you get into, just make sure you’re enjoying it with a good subwoofer.

Dillon Francis has done huge things for a variety of different types of music, and contributed a lot to the mixing of elements of different genres we’ve seen over the last few years. One thing is for sure, the dude is having a great time doing what he does and is only getting better at it. Be sure to check out his catalog on Beatport, as he’s definitely made something for everyone. Or check out his offiicial store, which has a number of unique items like a custom painted picture of your family painted by the man himself, the opportunity to have him comb your girlfriend’s hair, or a Blink-182 remix of your choice. He also has a series of hilarious youtube videos – like his advertisement for EDC Alaska, or his campaign for DJ awareness in which he gave out free tacos in the name of Avicii. You can’t not like this guy.

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