Anton Zaslavski aka Zedd has revealed his 10 song LP titled Clarity with supporting artists such as LIZ, Matthew Koma, Ryan Tedder, Foxes, Lucky Date, Ellie Goulding, as well as Bright Lights. Clearly being signed to Interscope Records has given the 23 year old electro house producer the push needed to show the world his love for music, as well as his musical prowess.

Like his many fans anticipating Clarity since Zedd teased at a full length LP, the first track, Hourglass, starts to the ticking of a clock counting down to the introduction of the album. LIZ, who recently shared her vocals on Nicky Romero and Zedd’s song Human, is the featured vocalist and the choice of having her introduce the album is clear as she mesmerizes you into a state of euphoria. In the last seconds of the song, a familiar rhythm can be heard building to a peak…

Zedd ft. LIZ – Hourglass (Original Mix)


Not much can be said about a towering, burly, Brown Bear holding a straight razor other than Shave It up! The song released in October a year ago, became iconic for Zedd in the year to come thanks to a catchy rhythm and hard punching bass synths, with the occasional “Shave It Up!” thrown in the fray. The song has become the staple for what Zedd is all about when it comes to showing your friends his music. In the ending melodies an orchestra seems to flow through the speakers and reminds us of Zedd’s musical background as a classical pianist.

Zedd – Shave It Up (Original Mix)


Zedd’s Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma is a song that more and more new fans of EDM are becoming familiar with, due to the syndication of local radio stations. With so many people noticing Zedd, it created the perfect moment to announce a remix contest – a remix contest that had over 2,500 entries marking it as one of the biggest contests that Beatport has ever sponsored. While putting clichés’ aside, two words come to mind: Instant Classic.

Zedd ft. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (Original Mix)


After an amalgam of new and familiar songs comes yet another song that doesn’t cease to impress. Featuring OneRepublic front man, Ryan Tedder, with smooth vocals and a story of love and seclusion at sea, Lost at Sea brings a story similar to Spectrum, simply refreshed. Whether it be at sea, or with an alien, love seems to have no barriers that it cannot overcome.

Zedd ft. Ryan Tedder – Lost At Sea (Original Mix)


Being the heart of the album, Clarity, featuring the beautiful vocals of Foxes, brings another story of love and self-realization. Containing a simple chorus made by Zedd, close friend and producer Porter Robinson, as well as Matthew Koma, it allows the song to be to be sung along with by thousands of fans. In the end it seems that’s what this music scene, this album, and Zedd, are all about the fans.

Zedd ft. Foxes – Clarity (Original Mix)


Codec, better known as an enhanced “Shotgun”, contains hard hitting bass synths and drums, similar to the song mentioned above, with distinct stutters providing particular rhythms akin to close friend Skrillex’s early music. When all these characteristics come together, it produces a song that can both be used in a large venue as well as in a pair of headphones rocking to the rhythm. Codec proves that Zedd knows how and when to bring the bass-induced vibe back to life.

Zedd – Codec (Original Mix)


Zedd’s ‘Stache’ is a multitude of rhythmic, bass heavy synths with intricate, moving layers not clearly heard but still there, proving not only can Zedd produce music, but that he can Produce music. As well as releasing his album, Zedd also revealed the music video for Stache, featuring scientists creating blue spheres of energy, angry diplomats and a SWAT team. Check it out below!



Zedd and Lucky Date team up with Ellie Goulding to bring Fall Into the Sky, a song that truly lives up to the term, “Banger”. Which is a great thing, because this song sets the bar very, very, high, and should make other producers rethink their production quality when making venue-in-mind “bangers”.

Zedd & Lucky Date ft. Ellie Goulding – Fall Into the Sky (Original Mix)


Zedd showcases Follow you Down featuring Bright Lights as a House track that doesn’t need to have an unnecessary ‘drop’ followed by heavy bass hits, just to be considered good. Zedd and Bright Lights go beyond good, delivering melodies, chords and memorable verses that create the Music in EDM.

Zedd ft. Bright Lights – Follow You Down (Original Mix)


Similar to a machine making what seems to be random noises at first, Epos transforms itself into a song of differing syths, chords, and melodies all coming together to form a beautiful entity. Perhaps showing that while many musicians, like Zedd, may have differing backgrounds and influences, what ultimately comes out is a music so beautiful and unique, it’s name is immortalized in time forever.

Zedd – Epos (Original Mix)


Only after listening to Zedd’s album can I truly see the direction in which of EDM is going, and it’s a good one. So many young individuals with differing backgrounds are coming together to one scene to express their love for music. Perhaps that’s the message that Zedd is sending through Clarity, expression for love of music. Whether it be rock, classical, or EDM, love what you do and make it show.

Our rating is 4.75 out of 5.

We love this album and you can get it here: Clarity – Zedd. (We highly suggest that you do.)