What more can be said about German house icon Jean Elan? The native Berliner has been nominated for a Grammy (his remix of Royksopp’s “The Girl and the Robot” was nominated for “Best Remix Recording, Non-Classical back in 2010), is the general manager for Ministry of Sound – Germany, and has released tracks on such notable labels as Armada Music and Juicy Music. The veteran producer’s latest release is “MindSet,” a rocking progressive banger off of Shake Me Please. The song features vocals courtesy of Vikki and The Violence, an electronic pop singer from the Netherlands. Jean Elan gives the track a deep, rumbling bassline, backed by some supporting synth chords, and drives the groove on up to the breakdown. Here, Vikki and The Violence’s lyrics shine, while spiraling lead lend the arrangement added energy. The drop is monumental, as the bass comes back into the fray while some gigantic synth chords guide the melody. Soon after, what can only be described as a “bell-sounding” lead gets thrown in and adds more excitement. All the while, the vocal arrangement plays and provides the perfect accompaniment to the massive groove that Jean Elan has created. In addition to the original mix, the MindSet release also includes an instrumental mix.


Jean Elan knows how to create thick melodies and massive grooves, and this track is no exception. Pick up your copy today.


Jean Elan feat. Vikki and The Violence – MindSet (Original Mix)




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